Confirmed in the Faith - A

Series A of the workbooks by Bivens and Valleskey. Covers the Six Chief parts of Luther's Small Catechism.
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Series A Workbook
Temporarily out of stock.
  CC-A   NIV   $8.95   $8.95  
Sample text: limited availability in 2018. call to confirm This is the workbook for Series A, most churches use it first in a two-year cycle for Confirmation Classes.
Series A workbook answer key   CC-AK   NIV   $8.95   $8.95  
Sample text: This is the answer key, used by teachers or parents to correct the workbook for series A.
Series A Quizzes   CC-AQ   NIV   $7.50   $7.50  
Sample text: A set of quizzes on a tear-off pad to go along with Series A of Confirmed in the Faith. Call for permission to copy.
Series A Quiz Answer Key   CC-AQK   NIV   $7.50   $7.50  
Sample text: A bound book used by parents or teachers to correct quizzes for the Series A of Confirmed in the Faith.