Big Changes, Big Sales! September 2018 - September 4, 2018
Sale #2 Christmastime Card Stockup: This year, any customer who orders at least 25 boxes gets both an extra 10% off of everyday styles, and their Christmas selections for 50% instead of 40% off. With 25 boxes ordered, you'll also get half off shipping. This sale runs until November 1, 2018, but after November 1, you can get the same sale if you prepay.

Paper catalogs are on the way, and the website won't calculate these sales (but I will!).
New 2018 Cards - February 28, 2018
Most of the 2018 cards are now here and should begin shipping this week. I have been told that the cards not yet in-house should be shipping this week.

Thanks for your patience!
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